MumBai Mafia

Classic underground bollywood funk & disco madness spiced up with goonda beats.

Wacko Waro

Sukh Knight – Copkiller
Secret Archives of the vatican – seek the ancient path
?? – Johnny Breakbeat Mera Naam OST
DZ- Old Timers
Sukh Knight – Junglist
Taz Buckfaster – Murda Skank
Scott Walmslet – The pope vs micheal jackson vs bush
?? she don’t use jelly dupstep rmx
?? – micheal jackson vs real to real
Bollywood freaks – don’t stop till you get to bollywood
jackson 5 vs justuce – i want you D.A.N.C.E
Bappi Lahiri – mein gul badaan
Pabla disco dandia 2005 – lil remdi re
Pabla disco dandia 2005 – hu re ghunum ne maro
Pabla disco dandia 2005 – baje apyal chamcham
Pabla disco dandia 2005 – latiya padi patiya
Pabla disco dandia 2005 – rangtali rangtali

Wacko Waro


  vincemillett wrote @

Thanks for playing one of our tunes…

Secret Archives of the Vatican

[…] Excellent MumBai Mafia podcast includes a Secret Archives tune Seek the Ancient Paths by Secret Archives of the Vatican has been included in a most excellent bass-heavy podcast from MumBai Mafia, who describe themselves as the Underbelly Sound of Asian Underground. The episode is called Wacko Waro and you can download it from HERE. […]

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