MumBai Mafia

Classic underground bollywood funk & disco madness spiced up with goonda beats.

Old School Electro Mix 2

Ice T & The glove – Reckless
World Class Wreking Crew – Bionic
Dr Dre – Housecalls
JJ Fad – The Cars that go Boom
MC Luscious – Boom i got your Boyfriend
Candy Fresh – Get Busy
Maggotron – Base it Y’all
Twillight 22 – Siberian Nights
?? – Security
Egyptian Lover – Gotta have you
The X-men – Professor X
?? – Defcon
Dynamix 2 – Ignition
Sleeze Boys – Robocop
Egyptian Lover – These are my beats
Jamie Jupiter – Computer Power
Egyptian Lover – The Lover
Egyptian Lover – You’re so Fine
Egyptian Lover – Girls
Egyptian Lover – My House (on the nile)
?? – Cool Runnings
Prince – Erotic City
?? – ??
The X-men – Revenge Of The X-Men
Girls on top – I wanna dance with numbers
Kraftwerk – The Telephone call
Japanese Telecom – Nippon Robots
Dj Assault – Fuck u Hoe


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